Create Aerial Maps with Your Expertise in Aerial Photography

January 1, 2017


Aerial photography can be very interesting when you get a contract to make maps based on aerial photography. This is actually a different branch or style of aerial photography, where your subject is not the houses, properties events, men and people, animals or trees etc. Rather your subject is the topography. There has to be a deep understanding of what you are photographing, and hence the photographer who is mastering in aerial maps Melbourne has to have a nice understanding of the maps, their outline, how this can be generated from an aerial snap etc.


Why you would be doing map photography?

People often have this notion that aerial photographs will essentially be of landscapes. But the landscape that you are framing through the aerial pictures can later be converted to maps also, and that is the beauty of the conceptual aerial maps Melbourne. Visit for more details. 


To create the best quality aerial maps Melbourne through your photography, which can be useful for so many projects like geographical, topographical, survey work, journalism etc, you must create your identity in this segment of photography. You will need training in both drone photography, as well as helicopter snaps. A combination of the duo can help you a lot on making small and big projects in sketching maps. This can be map of a small area or bigger place. It all depends on the size of the place you are mapping that how high you would go for the snaps. And depending on how high you go, you should choose to photograph with a drone or a helicopter.


You must therefore have good experience of what you are doing including helicopter and drone photography both, and the former takes more time and practice to master. When you have mastered it well, and started managing your own portfolio online and offline, you can always advertise yourself for aerial maps sketching in Melbourne. 


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